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all of my life i have photographed people. i like to capture someone at his best or at her worst or at his most melancholy or at her strongest. anything superlative. i want to evoke emotion when someone looks back at his images. anyone can take a snapshot but it takes a special eye to reproduce a specific moment.

i grew up in new orleans. being raised there gives anyone an interesting perspective on the world. it's part of who i am. my dad, leo roos, was my mentor and my inspiration for photography. i learned by example. he exhibited what great mastery of photography was all about. he gave me my first camera when i was 11. i became very prolific. i have drawers of photos of people i no longer remember that i photographed wherever i went. it was my father that encouraged me and told me that i had a natural eye for this art.

my strength as a photographer is that i make a connection with my subjects. i get familiar with them before i capture them at their wedding, their family portrait, their bar/bat mitzvah, their headshot, their boudoir sitting, etc. there is a certain comfort level established prior to my shoot.

i love what i do. photographing people in their element is a luxury for me.....